Elton John and Michael Caine give the vaccine drive a shot in the arm in this hilarious NHS ad

The fight against coronavirus has been an understandably grim affair, with harrowing statistics, warning slogans, and the traumatic ‘Look into their eyes’ ad campaign, for a start.

But the effort to boost vaccine take-up just got a shot in the arm from a very funny NHS video, featuring not one, but two knights of the Arts – Elton John and Michael Caine.

Take a look.

With a word-perfect script and direction from Stephen Pipe, not to mention those stellar performances from Sir Elton and Sir Michael, we reckon the very funny ad is going to be a winner in the quest for public engagement.

Could this be the comedy duo we didn’t know we needed?

One hundred per cent – would watch.


‘Elton John wins the award for best diary entry ever’

Source NHS England Image Screengrab