This restaurant’s blistering takedown of a covidiot’s one-star review is one for the ages

In the covidiot comeback hall of fame, this one earns pride of place.

It’s an exchange between a customer unhappy at being asked to wear his mask properly, and the restaurant’s blistering response.

The takedown just went viral all over again after it was shared by beerbellybegone on Reddit.


‘This “Customer is king” nonsense needs to f-ck off pronto.’ StealthyBasterd

‘Do they think reviews like this will hurt the restaurant? As a mask wearing person I now feel reassured that this is a safe place to eat. If I were and anti masker I would not have been served anyways so it’s no business lost.’ barbershopwasgood

And there was also this, from someone else in the business, who sums the whole thing up rather nicely.

‘I’m a restaurant owner (or at least I was until a global pandemic and a government that dropped the ball forced me into bankruptcy) and I will tell you that we go into the business to make people happy. That’s what the hospitality trade does – make people happy. To that end we do treat our guests as royalty. Unfortunately as history has shown, royalty occasionally needs to be separated from their heads. Neither I nor my staff made enough to take shit from anyone.

‘If you have extensive dietary needs or requests, myself and most restaurants will move heaven and earth to accommodate you and ensure you have a fantastic dining experience and do it happily because that’s our job and why we are here. If you want to jeopardize the health / safety and or wellbeing of myself or my staff I will be happy to yeet you from the premises. Don’t want to wear a mask? Yeet. Sexually or verbally harass my staff? Yeet. Drop a racial slur? Yeeet.

‘No business should ever hesitate to fire a customer.’

Source Reddit u/beerbellybegone Image Pexels