Someone sent a mariachi band to troll Ted Cruz after his mini-break in Mexico – the 5 hottest takes

People power came to the fore when the internet shamed Senator Ted Cruz into returning from a trip to Cancun while Texans were suffering the effects of sub-zero temperatures, snowstorms and power cuts.

His claim to have been merely accompanying his family, with no intention of staying, was rendered somewhat unlikely by the size of the suitcase he took – and the fact that his college roommate was along for the trip.

There were suggestions that he left his dog, Snowflake, home alone, though the Cruz family is known to have household staff.

To add hilarious insult to metaphorical injury, someone arranged for Mexican band, El Mariachi Mi Mexico, to play outside his house, reminding him both of the holiday he could have been enjoying and the fact that he’d been caught out.

Some people thought it was unfair to target him at home.

This is the kind of response they got.

Most tweeters, however, thought it was pretty funny and entirely deserved.

These five comments have it covered.






More than one person had a suspicion about who might be behind the prank.

Hell hath no fury like a poodle scorned.

Bonus: Here’s another, longer clip of the protest/performance.


Simply 19 of the funniest tweets about Ted Cruz fleeing Texas for Cancun

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