This brewery’s takedown of a covidiot who refused to wear a mask is simply perfect

A brewery had the perfect response to a covidiot who sent them an abusive email after they were denied service for refusing to put on a mask.

The anti-masker emailed Beale’s beer with the subject line ‘Y’all suck’ and the message: ‘Your manager is bitch and your beer taste like hot old orange juice.’

So the brewery did this and it’s brilliant, not just because it put the covidiot firmly in their place, but for the message it had for service staff everywhere.

The picture of the beer was shared by Redditor rachelleeann17 who said: ‘A brewery near me decided to name their newest beer after a recent email they received.’

Here’s that label in full.

‘Your Manager Is Bitch. American Porter. 7.6% ABV.

‘This beer is a love letter to all of the service industry workers who, despite a global pandemic, endeavour each day to provide a safe, welcoming environment for their guests.

‘While we can’t prevent the verbal abuse from that small fraction of customers who refuse to acknowledge your humanity, we will continue to call it out and stay with you.

‘PS This beer does NOT taste like hot old OJ. It actually will remind you of pecan pie – with notes of caramelised sugar and warm, toasted pecans.’

And the story just gets better and better.

‘Curious. Is that a picture of the manager?’ TST77

‘Yes. I checked their Instagram and they have a post about the story. The person on the can is someone who started at the brewery as a server and worked her way up to [general manager]. The email was about her; she didn’t allow a customer to stay in the facility because they refused to wear a mask, and the subsequent email was from said customer.’ hezzospike

And here’s the Instagram post in full.


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‘I would buy that just for the dunking on a hater. Which I guess is the point. Fair enough.’ steerbell


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