People love the slip given out by this bar if security kicks someone out

This is brilliant, a catch-all slip that this bar gives out to anyone kicked out by security.

It went viral because it really does capture every eventuality, and does it with some style.

‘Slip given out at one of my local bars if security kicks someone out,’ said Dysfunkti0nal over on Reddit.

And just a few of the things people said about it.

‘I was at a bar in Colorado a few years back and a kid came in with an obvious fake ID. The bartender was chill as fuck about it. The bartender said “this ain’t you” and kept the license. The kid made a huge stink about it and demanded the ID back. The bartender told him that he could call the police, have them come and confirm the identity on the card and if it was in fact him, the house would serve him free drinks the whole night for the inconvenience. The kid didn’t take the bartender up on her offer.’ MikeMuench

‘I was at a bar for my 31st birthday, just absolutely cocked, and the bartender made me a birthday card that said “happy birthday you are shut off”. Only time I’ve ever been shut off. I saved the card. It was just a nice, non-dickish way to go about it. And he had every right, I was fucked.’ wormwoodscrub

‘I’ve been kicked out of a bar only one time. It was for being too drunk. I was the designated driver, I was stone cold sober. I’m not sure why they thought I was drunk, possibly because I was leaning against a wall instead of sitting since it was a packed bar. Needless to say my drinking friends were pretty pissed. We all moved on to another bar.’ nospamkhanman

‘I only ever get kicked out due to me passing out after reaching a certain threshold, I wonder if I would get a leaflet.’ LJamH

‘Same happened to me. The bouncer just woke me up, told me “dude I think you had enough. Go sleep in your bed at home, I’m sure it’s more comfortable” but nothing more. He was pretty chill about it. I’m still welcome at that bar (outside of the whole pandemic thing..)’ throw-away_catch


They really didn’t think through this pub sign’s design

Source Reddit u/Dysfunkti0nal