Mark Hamill had the best response to this dog terrified by Darth Vader

People loved this video of a dog seeing Darth Vader for the first time.

It was originally posted on TikTok by @rustymetalcreation and went viral on Twitter because, well, have a watch for yourself.

It went even more viral after it was shared by @RexChapman before being spotted by Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill.


And here’s the original TikTok post …


#Star Wars, #GoldenRetriever, #DarthVader #Jedi #theforcebewithyou #doggy 

♬ original sound – Ellie


Simply 17 glorious times Mark Hamill totally owned Donald Trump

Source TikTok @rustymetalcreation Twitter @WUTangKids @HamillHimself