Twitter gave its verdict on the Andrew Neil-fronted anti-woke news channel – it wasn’t great

Sunday evening saw the launch of the ‘anti-woke’ TV channel, GB News, which is owned by US media moguls, Mark Schneider and Andrew Cole via their company, ‘All Perspectives Ltd’.

The face of the channel is former BBC political attack-interviewer, Andrew Neil.

The choice of Neil drew a little side-eye.

Its agenda, which can loosely be described as ‘right-leaning’, could easily be guessed from its list of presenters, which reads like a Who’s Who of the administrators on a Brexit fan-fic blog.

Former Apprentice candidate, Michelle Dewberry

Mail Online columnist, Dan Wootton

LBC presenter, Tom Harwood

Freelance archaeologist, Neil Oliver

Former UKIP Head of Media, Alexandra Phillips

No Darren Grimes, though.

Neil opened with a stated aim to be better than BBC News, and an assurance of accuracy.

There were many criticisms of the production values.

To give them the benefit of the doubt, it was potentially just teething troubles – so, here’s something cold for them to chew on.