James May made Stephen Fry’s glorious takedown of Digby Jones even better

You’ll doubtless have seen the outrageous criticism by Digby Jones of BBC presenter Alex Scott over her pronunciation during her coverage of the Olympics.

The ex-House of Lords member said the former Arsenal footballer “spoils a good presentational job on the BBC Olympics Team with her very noticeable inability to pronounce her ‘g’s at the end of a word”.

There was no shortage of fabulous takedowns which you can read here.

And maybe best of all was this, from Stephen Fry, which was made even better by James May.

‘Digby, Lord Jones schooled by a Master,’ said moaningpilot who shared the exchange on Reddit.


‘There are very few people more wonderful than Stephen Fry.’

‘When James May comes in to pour gas on the fire, you know you f-cked up.’

And just in case you were wondering …

‘I’m going to pretend I knew it was supposed to be Digby, Lord Jones.’

‘I still dont know who that Digby dude is, nor what the difference is with how his title is arranged …’

‘According to Wikipedia: “In the United Kingdom, “Lord” and “Lady” are used as titles for members of the nobility. Unlike titles such as “Mr” and “Mrs”, they are not used before first names except in certain circumstances, for example as courtesy titles for younger sons, etc., of peers. In Scotland “Lord of Parliament” and “Lady of Parliament” are the equivalents of Baron and Baroness in England.”

Final word to this letter writer to the Independent.

Oh dear! Lord Digby Jones just ruined my Olympics. Every time I now see Alex Scott, with her smiling face and friendly manner, I get a vision of a scowling, jowly baronet in my head. Shame on that man. And I speak as a proud Essex girl who can, when excited, pronounce “Priti Patel” with two glottal stops. Jones needs to understand that we’re not here to please his ears, and that speaking in a posh accent doesn’t stop you saying stupid things.

Sarah Wood OBE



Alex Scott had the perfect response to Sir Digby Jones’s accent snobbery

Source Reddit u/moaningpilot