Arnold Schwarzenegger called anti-maskers ‘schmucks’ in a perfect rant about taking responsibility

Arnold Schwarzenegger has gone viral again with comments he made in favour of coronavirus rules, in a streamed interview with retired colonel Alex Vindman.

During the conversation, which was guided by CNN’s Bianna Golodryga, Arnold compared anti-coronavirus measures like mask-wearing to obeying traffic lights, and suggested that not taking the steps was for ‘schmucks’.

He shared the relevant clip and Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding shared a shorter version.

His words poked the anti-mask, anti-vax tiger, and a predictable outcry followed, as they focused on the ‘Screw your freedom’ part, without mentioning the bit about taking responsibility.

How surprised we all were to see that demographic cherry-picking quotes to suit their purpose.


Plenty of people were on the same page as the actor-turned-politician.

Arnold has posted several videos, encouraging people to follow coronavirus rules, but this clip of his first vaccination must be the most iconic.

Or you could always follow Ted Cruz. Tough choice.


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s coronavirus updates are an unexpected bright spot in dark times

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