Mark Hamill went viral by tweeting his own name – deliberately

Twitter would be a much poorer place without Mark Hamill – and not just because we all enjoyed watching him dunk on Donald Trump for four years.

He’s had several viral tweets – some even about the virus – including these:

An actor named Lauren – @LozzaBean12 – tweeted a suspicion.

Mark Hamill duly put the theory to the test.

At the time of writing, this is the state of play.

Lauren wasn’t wrong.

Ken Olin decided to test another possibility …

With the blessing of the man himself.

Others soon joined in, sending ‘Mark Hamill’ to the top of Twitter’s trend list.

Of course, there is precedent.

Mr Hamill may never be in another film that has its own day, but he could very well follow in the footsteps of Ed Balls and get one of his own. Just point us in the direction of the petition.


Mark Hamill sent this old meme viral and it just gets better and better

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