Trump’s border wall turned out just as well as you hoped it would and it’s perfect

Of all the legacies of Donald Trump’s four years in the White House, his so-called border wall with Mexico is, well, it’s one of them.

Except it’s fair to say the wall didn’t entirely match up with what the former President presumably envisaged.

And by the looks of this video which just went viral on Reddit, it’s aged precisely as well as you hoped it would.

The Trump presidency in a nutshell?

‘That’s where he f-cked up. He did the algorithm based off of the average width of us Americans.’

‘Just a one way wall. Keeps all the obese Americans from going into Mexico.’

‘Witness the greatest plot twist in the history of universe.’

‘Its full of gaps just like Trump’s brain function.’

‘Semi-permeable membrane.’

Although very possibly it’s not entirely what it seems after someone said this.

‘It’s unfinished, there’s a panel that goes over it.’

To be filed under ‘too good to check’. Still made us laugh, though.


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