An Australian politician’s blunt takedown of an anti-vax bill tells it like it is

Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie had the perfect response to a bill put forward by the right-wing populist One Nation party.

Supporters of the bill argued that vaccine mandates are discriminatory and sought to ban them in the areas of goods, services, facilities, employment, education, accommodation and sport.

This is how she explained why it isn’t discrimination to require a vaccine for certain jobs.


Senator Jacqui Lambie savages Pauline Hanson's ##vaccine discrimination bill, urging the bill's supporters to behave like a 'bloody adult'##Auspol ##News

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While her reference to a Chinese bat might be a bit Trump 2020, her core point defies argument – people get the vaccine to keep each other safe.

This tweet underlined her feelings on the matter.

Political editor Josh Butler, amongst others, shared the clip on Twitter.

People found the blunt words refreshing, posting responses like these.

Perhaps she could give Boris Johnson a few pointers.

Despite a small amount of cross-party support, the bill didn’t pass – and we’re sure that the speech will have persuaded a few waverers.


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