The Daily Mail slagged off NHS workers for taking holidays and being off sick – only 5 responses you need

As you will no doubt have seen by now, Boris Johnson has declared that the NHS is on a ‘war footing’ as the health service battles to cope with record numbers of Covid cases.

As anyone who knows anything about the NHS won’t need reminding, it had already been at breaking point long before the pandemic.

Except sympathy was in predictably short supply over at the Daily Mail, which took umbrage that some NHS staff appeared to still be taking holidays at this difficult time.

Not only that, it turns out that some of them have also been off sick.

You can read the full story here if you want to but don’t feel compelled, obviously.

Instead, enjoy the only 5 responses you surely need.






Even better than those was this thread by @NHSMillion over on Twitter, a ‘grassroots campaign run by NHS staff’ which had this to say.

To conclude …


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