Andy Murray’s brutal takedown of Nigel Farage was faultless

As you’ll know by now, Novak Djokovic has won his appeal against deportation from Australia, and will be hoping to be on his way to his Australian Open accommodation. Although, the government’s lawyer has warned that his visa may still be withdrawn.

His fate, however, looked far less hopeful as he languished in a detention hotel in Melbourne, ahead of the hearing that gave him a tentative go-ahead, leading certain parties to take up his cause via social media.

One very vocal supporter of the self-declared opponent of Covid vaccination was Brexiter-in-Chief, Nigel Farage.

He also posted a clip of himself in the Djokovic family restaurant, which houses the tennis star’s trophy room.

It raised some eyebrows.

The best response came from Andy Murray, Djokovic’s fellow competitor in the Australian Open, presuming the Serbian player makes it past Immigration Services.

from Burn GIFs via Gfycat

The crowd went wild.

We’ll leave the last ‘word’ to Andy’s mum, tennis coach and ambassador for the sport, Judy Murray.


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