Dr Rosena Allin-Khan’s Question Time takedown of Partygate was powerful and heartbreaking

This Thursday’s Question Time had been the subject of controversy even before it began, with the BBC inviting unvaccinated audience members to discuss their positions, in front of a panel including immunologist Professor Robin Shattock.

Also present were frontline NHS doctor, Labour’s Dr Rosena Allin-Khan, NHS Federation Chair Victor Adebowale, Telegraph columnist Tim Stanley and Conservative MP Crispin Blunt.

When Blunt tried to toe the party line and whitewash partygate by comparing it to Boris Johnson’s smear of Keir Starmer as culpable for the failure to prosecute Jimmy Savile, Dr. Allin-Khan wasn’t prepared to stand for it.

CW – it contains distressing references.

“When I took iPads to the bedside of dying people so their three children under six could say goodbye, there is absolutely no justification for the pain that they have felt that could possibly be explained away by a cheap apology, an insincere cheap apology, by the Prime Minister.”

Imagine trying to interrupt that.

There was a lot of praise for her powerful condemnation – including this.

It wasn’t the only thing Dr. Allin-Khan had to say about Boris Johnson. We’ll leave this here.


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