John Bercow owned Boris Johnson into next week in 70 seconds

Monday’s episode of the Sky News current affairs show The Great Debate acknowledged the fact that it happened to be St. Valentine’s Day, with this question.

Would you send Boris Johnson a love letter or a letter of dismissal?

Former Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, gave the first response – and if he held anything back, we’d all love to know what it was.

He’s a narcissist, he doesn’t do the detail, he’s ritually dishonest – having a nodding acquaintance with the truth, at best only in a leap year.

It’s good to get stuff off your chest.

Tweeters bathed in its brutal honesty.

As a topical bonus, here’s what John Brrcow thought of Boris Johnson’s handling of the Ukraine crisis.

Watch out for the emergency delivery of aloe vera to Number 10.


John Bercow owning Robert Jenrick into next week is one for the Burn Awards

Source Sky News Image Screengrab