‘The Advert vs The Actual Game’ is 19 seconds of hilarious and brutal honesty

If you’re over a certain age, this sketch by the wonderful Alasdair Beckett-King will be seriously relatable – or even hilariously so.

It’s only 19 seconds, but it says everything it needs to, and it made us laugh.

It struck a chord or two with YouTube users.

The difference between the pre-rendered cutscenes and the in-game graphics back then were so jarring that they looked like they came from completely different generations, let alone the same game.

The game is allowed to claim it’s hyperrealistic if one (1) tree in the starting area is very carefully rendered.
The Man Downstairs

This was hilarious and._.surprisingly accurate even to this day.
Anthony Wheeler

When he shared it on Twitter, it got an equally impressed response.

It reminded JP Caslin of something.

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