Elon Musk has challenged Putin to combat for the freedom of Ukraine

Because there’s nothing so tragic or grave that Elon Musk can’t try to turn it into the Cirque De Musk, he’s weighed in on the Russian invasion of Ukraine by offering to go toe to toe with Vladimir Putin.

That says ‘Stakes are Ukraine’, in case you hadn’t worked it out.

He added this message, directed at the Kremlin’s Twitter account –

Which, if Google Translate knows what it’s talking about, means

‘Do you agree to this fight?’

Some people thought he might be joking – which seems reasonable. He claims he wasn’t.

Russia’s former ambassador to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, had a slap-down quote for the billionaire, which translated to –

You, little devil, are still young,
Compete with me weak;
It would only be a waste of time.
Overtake my brother first.

This was his double-headed response.

Katy Brand asked the big question.

These other responses fill in the blanks in the best way.