The Batman but with Adam West is hilarious and so cleverly done

You don’t have to have seen the new Batman movie with Robert Pattinson to know that it’s dark, oh so dark.

But what would its latest incarnation have looked like with the all-time best Batman, the late, great Adam West, in the lead role?

The good people of Corridor Digital – you can find lots more of their stuff on their site here or follow them on YouTube over here – have done just that and it’s hilarious and ingenious in equal measure.


And here’s just a flavour of the love people and for it on Reddit.

‘I’ve seen a lot of sh-t on the internet this week.

‘But this is the best thing I saw on the internet this week.’

‘This has made my day. So awesome.’

‘I enjoyed that. I’ve always thought that was the best Batmobile.’

‘When it jumped out of the explosion my brain just erupted. It was such a cool tide.’

‘The batman we all deserve.’

Lots more of this sort of thing over at Corridor’s YouTube channel here.


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Source YouTube Corridor Digital H/T Reddit u/_The-Batman