Donald Trump claims the Declaration of Energy Independence was signed in 1776 – the only 5 responses you need

Donald Trump’s grasp of history – or the present, for that matter – has never been the strongest.

For example, he has claimed that –

US soldiers during the Revolutionary War of the 1770s took control of the airports.

The Spanish Flu of 1917 (which actually happened in 1918) ended the Second World War (which was from 1939 to 1945).

President Andrew Jackson was angry about the Civil War – which started 16 years after he died.

Here’s how that Spanish Flu comment happened.

Even recent history goes over his head – like when he confidently stated that he was at the World Trade Centre just after it fell on 9/11 – which he wasn’t – but he called it 7-Eleven, which is a convenience store.

Despite not yet being an official contender for the 2024 election, Trump is well and truly in campaign mode – which means more public appearances.

At the Save America rally in Pennsylvania, the state in which the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776, he decided to just shove an extra word into that declaration, so it would fit his narrative of Biden-bashing.

That good old Declaration of Energy Independence that Americans celebrate every 4th of July, by leaving all the lights on in the house and running the hot water tap in defiance of the British.

These five reactions nailed it.






We’re grateful to @robglee for filling in some historical detail.


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