Boyfriend won’t stop calling Pringles ‘Pwingys’ and it’s the only relationship dilemma you need today

Over in the corner of Reddit called ‘Am I The Asshole’ people often share relationship dilemmas to double check whether they’re doing the right thing, and this one is simply spectacular.

It’s someone who’s fed up with their boyfriend making the same Pringles joke and, well, best have a read for yourself.

The Reddit post went viral on Twitter after it was shared by @JillFilipovic on Twitter and it’s simply sensational.

Here it is again in full.

And the answers came pouring in to the question is she the asshole? And the verdict – NTA (not the asshole).

‘This is the most entertaining post I’ve ever read on this sub.

‘NTA. The same joke over and over is never fun. This could have been something you guys laughed about every so often forever, but now it’s played out. I hope he can stop.’

‘NTA. Start calling his cock his widdle teeny pwingie and see how quickly that shit stops.’

‘NTA tell him the horse is dead, stop beating it because it’s not funny anymore.’

‘Awww this is not how running jokes and inside jokes work at all 😢’

‘Yikes. That’d be hell.

‘You need to sit down and have a very clear “this “joke” is over and this behavior is unacceptable”
conversation and lay down some consequences. 5 year olds do better at this shit than him.



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Source Reddit u/yourmumlikes H/T Twitter @JillFilipovic Image Pixabay