There’s an unmissable twist at the end of this classic It’ll Be Alright On The Night clip

The bloopers clip show It’ll Be Alright On The Night was a huge TV ratings grabber during its first incarnation with presenter Denis Norden, and many of the funny moments it shared are as good as ever.

Like this mood-killing dog.

One clip, from an Australian news programme, showed what happened when a reporter went out to investigate a racist small ad. You have to watch to the end.

We love the handshake when the penny drops, but have to wonder how the ad writer thought it was okay to send that to print.

The clip resurfaced when it was posted to Twitter by Daniel Holland.

Here’s how tweeters reacted.

Don’t tell M. Night Shyamalan, but …

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Just 4 classic clips from It’ll Be Alright on the Night to remember Denis Norden, who has died aged 96

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