Angela Rayner’s epic takedown of Dominic Raab just gets better and better

You’ll have seen by now that unfortunate exchange at PMQs when deputy prime minister Dominic Raab appeared to suggest that Angela Rayner had no business going to the opera or drinking champagne.

Oh, and that wink, obviously.

But if the grinning Raab thought he’d got the better of his counterpart, well, it didn’t last long.

First up Rayner dealt with that wink (which may or may not have been directed at her) by adding the icing on the cake of this tweet by a fellow Labour MP.

And then she turned to Raab’s comments about her attendance at Glyndebourne.

First, when she said this.

And then, by tweeting this.


And here are just a few of the things people said about the whole thing.


Last word to @AngelaRayner who tweeted this before yesterday’s PMQs.


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Source Twitter @AngelaRayner