Steve Bray’s apt soundtrack to this Tory MP’s interview was superbly timed

Spare a thought for the army of political journalists currently existing on coffee, adrenaline and snoozes, as Boris Johnson goes full Trump and the government falls to pieces.

When LBC’s Rachael Venables was interviewing the West Dorset MP, Chris Loder, his statement about wanting the PM to go was interrupted by similar sentiments – in musical form.

The impromptu backing track of Somerled Mackay’s Bye Bye Boris came, of course, courtesy of protester Steve Bray, otherwise known as the Stop Brexit Man, who had obviously recovered from a recent setback.

People were very glad to hear Steve’s volume had been restored.

Amp intact, here’s Steve giving the Foreign Office some free entertainment.

We hope they appreciate his efforts.

After that taster, we’re sure you’ll want to hear the full version of comedian Somerled Mackay’s timely political anthem.

Bye Bye Boris for number 1?

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