Yorkshire Tea has bagged Sir Patrick Stewart for its latest ad – and it’s reet good

Yorkshire Tea understands the meaning of ‘Go big or go home’, when it comes to advertising their iconic product.

Their ‘Where Everything’s Done Proper’ campaign has seen some very big Yorkshire-born participants, including Sir Michael Parkinson, Dynamo and, of course, Sean Bean.

The latest Yorkshire legend to advertise the strong brew is Mirfield lad, Sir Patrick Stewart – and it might just be the best ad yet.

The man himself gave it a thumbs up of the highest order.

Rarely have those magical words sounded so sweet, so majestic, so dramatic …

“Apparently, there’s a tab behind the bar.”

The plaudits rolled in.

Quite a few people quoted Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Jean Luc didn’t make the advert – Sir Patrick Stewart did.

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Source Yorkshire Tea H/T Sir Patrick Stewart Image Screengrab