This restaurant’s delicious takedown of an unfair 1-star review had people cheering

We’ve featured a fair few restaurants and other businesses on these pages who have come up with the perfect response to an unfair 1-star review.

And this one is another classic, shared by Redditor Zombie-Redshirt who said: ‘This review of a High End Restaurant in Berlin.’

Manages to be both unfailingly polite and deliciously brutal. And here are just a few of the things people said about it.

‘I wonder how many times this person has said “Speak English or go back to your own country!”

‘The German (I assume owner) has a better grasp of English than the buffoon who is upset..says a lot about how much the complainer sucks.’

‘This person can’t even get English right.’

‘Their “there”. Ugh.’

‘May not sprechen, but can’t even bother to spell correctly in English. They should have charged more as an idiot tax.’

Billy’s really not messing around. All the best!


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Source Reddit u/Zombie-Redshirt