People have been sharing their most ridiculous workplace stories – 17 proper jaw-droppers


‘We had a guy who robbed our gas station for, like, a month with finger guns before he finally got caught.

That’s right, finger guns. Like, when you hold your thumb and index fingers up like a fake gun. Everyone knew it was a finger gun, but we have to comply when someone robs the store, so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.’


‘I work at a library. The amount of people who don’t bring their library card with them and then refuse to give me ID so I can look up their account is baffling. I’m just trying to prove they are who they say they are.’


‘A group of four grown men sneaking into the fitting room to smoke a joint. This would already be really, really dumb except the store they did it at was…Justice.

For non-Americans and those outside the demographic, Justice was a clothing store for tween (or 8-12 year old) girls. They didn’t sell anything for men at all and it was literally impossible for them to blend in. Moreover, the tops of their heads were visible over the child-sized stall curtains.

‘We called security, they got escorted out, and we had to close to air out the windowless store. I have no idea how they thought this was going to play out.’


‘I work in the funeral industry, so I get to deal with new ridiculous things on a near-daily basis. For example, today I had to look for a bullet in a body bag, because the list of personal effects of a deceased that we got from the medical examiner included ‘ammunition x 1.’ This person was going for cremation, and bullets in a crematorium are a no-no for obvious reasons.

‘So, we looked and looked, inside the body bag, inside the clothing, pockets, shoes, under the body; I even shone a flashlight into the hole that used to be the deceased’s face to see if it was maybe still in the head-ish area, but no.

‘So after 20 minutes or so of thoroughly searching this poor dead person, I called the MEO to see if they had the bullet. The girl who answered the phone checks with the morgue and comes back to say “yep, it’s here, we always take and keep the bullets!” Great! Then WHY list it on the personal effects sheet with everything else that is still with the body??
My job is weird as hell, y’all.’


‘One time, while working front desk at a gym, a woman complained that there were too many geese outside. She said that they should’ve flown south by then and we needed to do something about it.’


‘I was working as a sign language interpreter in a classroom setting and the teacher’s aide decided to stand between me and the student, blocking their view. I asked her to move and she told me that she was doing it on purpose so that the student didn’t rely on me too much.’


‘I worked at a grocery store. A customer’s dog took a shit at the front of the store by the registers. He just stood there while I cleaned it.

‘Suddenly, the dog took a second shit while I was still cleaning. But wait. As I’m cleaning the second shit, the dog then puked. As I’m cleaning that, the owner pats the dog on the head, saying, ‘Good boy.’


‘One of my coworkers was constantly stealing my food. I couldn’t figure out who was doing it, but I was pissed off. So, with no intention of actually eating them, I put laxatives in my food for a few days.

‘After the dude who stole it spent two hours in the bathroom one day, he came out demanding to speak with me. He tried to threaten me saying he could sue me. It took way too long for him to understand that he stole my food. He skipped the part where I didn’t give it to him. So naturally, I said, ‘Now why the fuck are you eating my food?’

‘He backtracked and tried saying he didn’t know it was mine. ‘Then why are you saying you’ll sue me? How do you know it was mine, and also not know it was mine? My name was on the lunchbox.’ I countered. The kid just straight-up cried and went to the boss. The boss never said if he got fired or quit, but he never came back.’


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Source Reddit u/sparklingshanaya H/T Buzzfeed