You can cross Coldplay and Alan Partridge singing Running Up That Hill off your 2022 bingo card

Fans have been enjoying Coldplay’s Music Of The Spheres world tour at Wembley for several nights, but one lucky audience got a comedy bonus when the band welcomed Steve Coogan onstage – in the guise of Alan Partridge wearing a Snow Patrol jacket.

Watch what happened.

“Running up hills, up roads – it’s all cardiovascular. Not sure about running up buildings, unless you’re Spider-Man.”

Peak Partridge. Forget Stranger Things – this is the new iconic Running Up That Hill moment.

It seems someone who went to see the show on a different night felt cheated.

Fair comment.

Kate Bush wasn’t the only artist having a song butchered covered by Alan Partridge. ABBA might have some unshareable thoughts about this.

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The funniest bit in last night’s Alan Partridge was also the hardest to spot

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