This funny hot-dog hack was made even better by the people who missed the joke

Designer and TikToker Emily Zugay went viral when she redesigned the logos for a number of large companies, and some temporarily accepted the change.

@emilyzugay Reply to @mcdonalds ♬ original sound – Emily’sTikTok.edu

But her design-oriented mind isn’t just good for logo makeovers – she can also solve those everyday problems that blight people’s lives.

Take the way a hot-dog sits on the bun, for example.


♬ original sound – Emily’sTikTok.edu

Some TikTok users played along beautifully.

Others were either not quite sure that she was joking – or completely convinced that she wasn’t.

She’s joking right? please tell me she’s joking.

What did I just watch! 😝

😂😂😂 I can’t tell if she’s joking or serious. Her comments make it seem like she’s being serious.

😂😂😂 You can’t be serious?!!!!!
Krislynn Gellings

I’m scared for our future…

I hope it was a joke.

People have been duetting with it, and – for some reason – a whole bunch of them duetted with each other too, to produce this masterful collage of stunned-looking bearded men.

@hufflebeard #duet with @LJ Wheat #nailedit #lifehack #iwastodayyearsold ♬ original sound – Emily’sTikTok.edu


We’ve got our fingers crossed for that ketchup tutorial.


People can’t decide whether this hot-dog straw is an innovation or an abomination

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