This hilarious response to Amanda Holden’s viral TikTok is brilliantly done and far too relatable

You’ll probably have seen by now that wildly viral Amanda Holden TikTok video in which the BGT judge takes us through exactly what she’ll be wearing in the style of Instagram influencer @pattipinkcake.

It prompted no end of responses – 17 of which you can read here.

But surely the very best response went to actor and comedian Chris Devon – @MrChrisDevon on Twitter – who added his own thoughts to the video and it’s brilliant.

It’s the onions that really gets us. And the pause before bag for life ….

We’re with this person.


And this person.

You can follow @MrChrisDevon on Twitter here and find him on YouTube here.

You can also find Chris’s website here and links to pretty much everything else here.


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Source Twitter @MrChrisDevon