This rant about the Little Mermaid racism row doesn’t go where you think it’s going

Next year, Disney will release the live-action remake of its classic cartoon The Little Mermaid, with the title character, Ariel, played by an American actress and singer of colour, Halle Bailey.

This collection of reactions to the trailer shows just what that representation means – and it gets you right in the feels.

As you could probably have predicted, some people don’t feel so positive. They left comments like this –

And this –

The backlash got its own backlash.

TikToker jay.kue weighed in on the controversy. Watch to the end.

@jay.kue Its honestly disgusting and cultural theft of the highest order. #arielisblack #littlemermaidtrailer #disneyprincesses #blindreactionchallenge #hallebailey #blackrepresentation #littlemermaid #whitejesus #brownjesus #jesusisntwhite ♬ Under the Sea (Instrumental) [From "The Little Mermaid"] – London Music Works

We see what he did there – and so did these people.

jay.kue shared this hope.

That would be –

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