This troll doesn’t like people using their native language and the comeback was magnifico

There’s a certain type of person who insists that if you’re in England you should speak English and gets very annoyed if they overhear someone doing something different.

Same goes for a lot of people in the US, of course, including this person who was moved to ask why ‘liberals’ get so angry when people from Mexico are asked to speak English in America rather than Spanish.

And this comeback was simply magnifico.

‘American-Mexican immigrant eviscerates guy who was trying to Own The Libs,’ said Spectre0799 who shared it on Reddit.


And just a few of the things people said about it.

‘Not to mention Spanish has been spoken in this land long before it was the USA, on all three coasts. Vast swaths of what is now the USA used to be Spanish (The Empire of Spain) and/or Mexican (The Country/Empire). One more thing, the predominant language in Puerto Rico, a US territory , is still Spanish.’

‘When I was on vacation in Mexico, I needed help at a store. No big deal, no one really spoke English. But a few minutes later, one of the people had come back after finding a customer they knew spoke English to try to help translate. This was my normal experience in Mexico.’

‘If they are speaking Spanish to you, you can simply say “I don’t speak Spanish” or “no hablo” if you are feeling like it.

‘If they are speaking Spanish to someone else you can simply mind your own fucking business.’


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Source Reddit u/Spectre0799