The Guy Who Decides Use-by Dates has a lot to answer for

A number of supermarkets have been rethinking how they label food and drink to indicate its freshness, with the use-by date on milk rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

One reason for the rethink is that shoppers have been throwing away perfectly usable food because they’ve misunderstood the guidance provided by the use-by and best-before dates.

Australian comedian and former children’s TV presenter Jimmy Rees knows why.

‘I’ll put it in a large font, right on the front of the packet – maybe in a high-visibility colour, so no-one can miss it.’

‘No, Jason! Put it in tiny writing in a spot no-one’ll ever look.’

“Glue” and “salt” made me spit out my expired bottled water.
J A Marriott


Food storage has never been so confusing! Poor Jason! 😂😂
Donna Johanssen

I went through my whole childhood with no ‘use by dates’ – so I look upon them now as mild suggestions. Most of them I can’t even see lol.

So true! Grandma always thought everything smelt fine! 😂
Bec Fisher

No mention of Vegemite? I think I still have a jar from 1996. It’s still good.
Marcus Jaanz

Best one by far haha absolutely loved it.

JORD4N shared this theory about why the Guy Who Decides is so contrary.

Let’s be honest, every decision ever made was because Deciding Guy hates Jason and just wants to make his job as hard as possible.

In other news – Jason has been immortalised (sort of) in Jimmy’s page on the Australian streaming service Binge.

@jimmyrees New category Shut Up Jason 👌👌👌 @BINGE ♬ original sound – JimmyRees

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‘The Guy Who Decides Packaging’ is funny because it’s so true

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