BBC Leeds’ Rima Ahmed’s opener to Liz Truss wins ‘best question ever’

Liz Truss emerged from her Downing Street bunker today to try to make things better with a round of BBC local radio interviews, only to make everything considerably worse.

This was down, of course, to the brilliance of the various BBC radio presenters, many of whom you can see here (along with our favourite responses to the whole calamity).

And no-one came up with a better opening question than Rima Ahmed over on BBC Leeds, who went wildly viral on Twitter after it was shared by @OwsWills.

The desperate silence that follows is simply delicious.

And here are just a few of the things people said about it.

Owen later made it even better by doing this …

Last word to Rima – @therimaahmed on Twitter.


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Source Twitter @OwsWills