This pub’s response to a bigoted review by a ‘local guide’ ages better than a fine wine

Leading contender for comeback of the day is surely this, a pub’s response to this bigoted review by a ‘local guide’ who said it’s rainbow flag was ‘inappropriate’ and concluded it was ‘not a place for traditional values’.

‘This “Local Guide” with 27 followers attempting to sway the masses …’ said Redditor Assume_g_equals_10.

We’ll drink to that.

‘I got a one-star review less than a year ago for “following the science, and Fauci”.

‘I’m a primary care doctor.’

‘Just a reminder that “Traditional Values” is a nonsense phrase, traditions and values change over time, and that most people who try to appeal to “Traditional Values” probably just mean “the values of ignorant bigots”.’

‘Pretty sure it’s “frou-frou”. He can’t even be homophobic properly.’

‘Know your audience. He wasn’t writing that for the educated.’

‘Ayyyy, this place is local to me and this has been all over the local FB groups for a few days. Good on them, this is how we handle the paradox of tolerance.’

‘If your “traditional values” involve homophobia, your traditions are trash.’


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Source Reddit u/Assume_g_equals_10