Maggie the German shepherd’s goalie skills earned a massive round of a-paws

Maggie the two-year-old German shepherd has her own massive following on various social media, who are all blown away by her impressive hockey goalie skills.

Before you get excited – she doesn’t use a hockey stick or wear protective gear, however cute that would look.

One video has gone wildly viral, because it shows just how clever she is – and that it’s not just the instinct to swipe at things that makes her such a good goalie.

Watch and wonder.

@maggiethegoalie Maggie's not bothered by the distractions! #maggiethegoalie #hockey #NHL #dogsoftiktok #hockeytok #dogtricks ♬ Stayin Alive – Bee Gees

The video has been viewed over 24 million times in two days, picking up nearly three million likes and thousands of comments.

Here are a few typical examples.

Final score 19-0 but saves the goal that counts… 🥰

Damn, that dog is focused. Good girl Maggie.

WOW! The amount of training this takes is insane, so impressive.

Maggie’s triumph found another audience when the clip was posted on Twitter by @short_tymer.

Here’s what tweeters thought of it.

It reminded @scottmelker of something else.

So, it’s like telling trolls to puck off?

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