This unexpected entertainment at an American football game really kicked off

An American football match between the Kentucky Wildcats and Tennessee Volunteers got an unexpected sideshow, courtesy of an incident involving the cheerleaders and a security guard.

Watch what happened.

@beachgalloway When the blue shirt man won’t get out of the way #VOLS ♬ original sound – Beach Galloway

Of course, things weren’t that straightforward, because the ‘security guard’ is actually Michael Galyean, the faculty advisor for the BOSS Dance Team at the University of Tennessee, and his performance has gone wildly viral.

To get his moment in the spotlight, Michael had to work the whole shift as a security guard, but it was worth it for the roar of the crowd – and reactions like these on TikTok.

The cheer team for the Tennessee Volunteers – the Vols – gave him an extra thumbs up.

To sum up –


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