Elon Musk told Twitter staff it was ‘hardcore’ or the highway and these are the only responses you need

It’s one of the year’s great understatements to suggest it hasn’t gone entirely smoothly for Elon Musk since he paid $44bn for Twitter.

So much so that he’s now looking for someone else to run it.

But if it’s been a difficult time for Musk, spare a thought for the people who work at Twitter (or, in many cases, used to work at Twitter).

And it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any more fun after Musk emailed staff with this.

Sounds great.

And these are surely the only responses you need after the email was shared by runepro over on Reddit.

‘Give me that severance baby!’

‘Click the link below? Seems like another phishing scam. I’m not going to fall for that.’

‘Report as phishing to IT, gets fired.’

‘Did he really send a “check yes if you like me” note to the entire company?


‘Do you want to work 90 hours a week, work weekends, get constantly berated from above for ‘writing too few lines of code’ and probably get shitcanned in 4-5 months anyway? Why not stay on board the Good Ship Elon?

‘Who needs a social life when you can get bullied by a Billionaire who doesn’t understand your job?!’

‘You know what Elon is right now? He’s corporate Ryan from The Office. He fits the character uncannily …’

“A passing grade”

‘No thanks. Any employer who does that, it’s goodbye Lucas, go rate your mom.’

‘You have to acknowledge being “hardcore”? What the fuck is that? Like, long hours to me are 40 hours a week, and I assume all of my work is great, so I’ll gladly sign the acknowledgment that I am being “hardcore.”

‘I’ll sign an acknowledgment that I’m a “code ninja” or a “rock star” or a “space marine” too. Who gives a fuck?’

‘Sometimes I forget that people saw the douchey ceo villains in 80s movies and thought they were cool.’

To conclude …

‘Johnson! Why didn’t you respond to Elons email?! Do you not want to work here?

‘Oh, hi. It was a real email? It looked so ridiculous and poorly written I thought it was an off shore English as a second language type fishing attack.’


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Source Reddit u/runepro