Joe Lycett’s David Beckham protest was trolled as a ‘publicity stunt’ and the comeback made it even better

There was no shortage of love for Joe Lycett and his magnificent protest at David Beckham’s role at the Qatar World Cup.

The comedian challenged Beckham to stand down from the role, and when he refused to respond to Lycett’s challenge, or even acknowledge it, he appeared to carry out his threat of shredding £10k of his own money. Except of course, he didn’t, as he revealed in the last of his tweets on Monday.

It was the perfect last word, but not to everyone’s liking, it turned out. And the takedown of this particular troll, who said they knew all along it was just a publicity stunt, made the whole thing even better.

And just in case that’s tricky to see in full …

Absolutely hoofed that into the back of the net.

Last word to Attitude magazine.


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