Simply 9 fabulous times Mick Lynch gloriously owned Tory MPs and his media inquisitors

Rail union bosses will meet with the government this week to try to avert further industrial action over the festive period in the long running dispute about pay and working conditions.

The planned strikes brought Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers leader Mick Lynch back into the spotlight where he immediately did what he does best (apart from leading the RMT, obviously).

And that’s brutally owning Tory MPs and his media inquisitors in the most entertaining and satisfying way possible.

Here are 9 times he did it best.

1. When a Daily Mail reporter called him ‘Mick Grinch’

2. When Richard Madeley said he was a Marxist (or said that other people said he was a Marxist)

3. When he vaporised this Home Office minister on Question Time

4. When he took absolutely no nonsense from Kay Burley

5. When he dismantled this Cabinet minister on Newsnight

6. When Piers Morgan tried to own him with a Thunderbirds puppet

7. When Richard Madeley (again) said he didn’t care about public opinion

8. When he took down this Tory MP and occasional Cabinet minister Robert Jenrick on ITV’s Peston

9. When he gloriously destroyed Conservative MP Jonathan Gullis – you remember – like this


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