Watch this self-styled ‘sausage expert’ get egg on his face over a vegan sausage butty

In one of its characteristically divisive phone-ins, The Jeremy Vine Show invited people to consider whether a vegan sausage should be called something else, keeping the word ‘sausage’ for meat products.

They invited along former Sun journalist and Talksport presenter, now a GB News panellist, Mike Parry – a self-styled sausage butty expert.

Jeremy Vine set him a challenge –

“This second one is clearly the real sausage. I could taste the meat in it …

It was luscious and lovely. Tasted a bit like the one I had this morning.

This is the winner.”

Compare and contrast with his verdict on the second sausage after finding out it was vegan.

“All I can say is, that that’s cardboard and that’s sort of almost cardboard. Call it tissue paper.”

Shameless backtracking.

Although the show was a couple of weeks ago, the clip has been circulating more widely since making its way to Reddit’s r/facepalm forum. Facepalm indeed.

Here’s how Redditors responded.

Could save face if he’d just admit that he was tricked and the producer made a convincing substitute.

Should’ve made the third one as a vegan one as well…

I was really hoping they’d keep screwing with him. They really let him off too easy.

“Self-proclaimed sausage expert” — BRB gonna put that in my tinder profile.

If I ever make it on TV as a sausage expert, shoot me.

Lol – and the way he goes back on his word and pretends like we just forgot what he said. What a prick.

From “lovely” to “barely cardboard”. Just another farking conservative moving the goalposts once they were proven wrong.

Vegan Redditor u/moonbunnychan had a similar experience at a party.

Reminds me of a party I was at where a bunch of people accidentally ate the veggie hot dogs I’d brought for myself. Not one person said a word, many went back for another one.

It wasn’t until after I pointed out that they’d been eating the faux meat ones that they were like “oh ya, I knew something was wrong, soooo gross!”. It was beyond obvious they were just saying that to save face.

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