A homeowner wrote their own flat description and it’s the most amazing Rightmove listing you’ll ever read

If only more properties were described like this on Rightmove it wouldn’t be such a spirit-sapping, soul-destroying process looking for somewhere new to live.

Because this property listing was written by the homeowner themselves, as the agent appears to have been very keen to point out right at the very beginning.

And when we say it’s quite the read, we’re really not kidding, as highlighted by @whotheFisfran over on Twitter.

It’s a 2-bedroom flat in Bristol and the fact the listing boasts 124 pictures is only the beginning …

Well that’s all we’ve got time for, but you can click here to read the listing in its full extraordinary glory.

It’s one way of getting your property noticed, we reckon. Good luck with the move!


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Source Rightmove Twitter @whotheFisfran