‘Men! What is something us women do that baffles you?’ 17 fabulously confused blokes

Over on Reddit men have been sharing things about women that baffle them after Careful_Ride3205 asked this.

‘Men of Reddit, what is something us women do that baffles you?’

And while the answers are obviously representative neither of all men nor all women – it still makes for a very funny read, not so much men being baffled by women as, well … relationships in general.


‘Maybe just my wife, but wait until I’m just out of ear shot to start telling me important information. All I hear is Charlie Brown teacher noises.’


‘Pillows. Bed for two people needs eight pillows. Wtf? Why? Couch seats four. Twelve pillows. Guests come over. Move the pillows. Cleaning? Move the pillows. Straighten pillows. Fluff pillows. Complain pillows aren’t correct shade.

‘Buy new pillows. Keep old pillows. Arrange pillows old and new. By shade, ruffle, design, thickness, softness, emotional attachment, place of purchase, vibe . . . It’s like a Dr. SUESS book of pillows.’


‘How they don’t dress for the occasion. They dress for the arrival. And then after 5 minutes they aren’t comfortable.’


‘Always baffles me just how much they share with their friends lol especially around sex.

‘As someone who’s worked with a lot of women there’s a few times they had me straight blushing, and I’m far from a prude lol. They think guys always talk about sex but usually ours is limited to “yeah we hooked up, yeah it was good.”


‘How you all manage to sit with a phone in your back pocket.’

‘Their trousers tend to be higher waisted so the ass pocket is where our belt would be.’


‘How much hair strands they lose per day. It’s a lot.’

‘As a woman I am genuinely surprised I’m not bald, it seems like I lose an entire heads worth of hair every time I wash/brush it.’


‘How they stick those clumps of hair to the walls of the shower.’

‘Rather they be swirled onto the wall than clog the drain. But wow that’s funny, every relationship I’ve had has included cleaning hair off the shower walls regularly. Didn’t even think about it until now.’


‘When they ask you what we should eat. We name 5 things and they say I’m not in the mood for that. Then why did you ask me in the first place. Also when I ask my girlfriend you pick dinner you can’t make your mind up.’

‘My father-in-law hacked this problem by taking them to literally the same restaurant every time his wife said she didn’t care. It got to the point where she’d just start naming places to avoid going to the damn Chinese buffet again.’


‘Asking me what I’m thinking.

‘Saying nothing is the wrong answer, but giving a genuine answer, a.k.a I was just thinking about who would win in a fight between a Gorilla and three Baboons, and that’s far worse.

‘Just accept the nothing and let me be in peace then.’