Colin from Portsmouth’s comedy rant about striking workers is almost too believable

You could be forgiven for wondering if the UK has gone back to the 70s, as nurses, ambulance workers, postal workers, rail workers, driving examiners and others all carry out or intend to carry out industrial action. It’s almost easier to list who isn’t going on strike.

The Exploding Heads, also known as Anthony Richardson and Mark Davison, set their spoof radio phone-in regular, Colin from Portsmouth, onto the case.

Brace yourself.

They shared the sketch on Twitter, where it got these justifiably impressed reactions.

James O’Brien – who has spoken to more Colins than he’s had insults from Brexiters, which is a lot – recognised that the last line ‘Meghan reminds me of my ex, you know.‘ was a nod to a genuine recent conversation between himself and ‘Richard from Chelmsford’.

GraemeMc shared a widespread concern.

This, from one of the unions involved in the disputes, nailed it.

If you liked their sketch, you might also enjoy Anthony and Mark’s spoof sports show, Sports Horn, or wish to support them by buying some merch or a ‘coffee’ here.


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