‘Asking my Italian husband if I can have an espresso with lunch’

Long-suffering Italian Carlo Longo, went viral when his American fiancée (now wife) Sarah did an excellent job of really winding him up by putting pineapple on pizza.


Carlo has had it with me🤣

♬ original sound – carloandsarah

You don’t have to be Italian to get annoyed by that particular topping – but it clearly helps.

He recently recently travelled back to Italy, where he and Sarah met, to visit family. Sarah took the opportunity to prank him again – by asking for a coffee with her meal.

Watch how that worked out for her.



♬ original sound – carloandsarah


By now, you can probably work out how Carlo reacts when Sarah mispronounces Italian brand names. It’s absolutely glorious.

@carloandsarah It’s “Luh-Vat-Zuh!”😌 #lavazzalove ♬ original sound – carloandsarah


This Italian has gone viral again after his fiancée snapped their spaghetti

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