This restaurant’s response to a customer’s dietary needs is a Michelin-starred jaw dropper

Every so often we feature restaurants and other businesses giving unfair one-star reviews the devastating response they deserve.

This is the exact opposite, but no less jaw-dropping for it.

It’s this customer who left a one-star review for very good reason, and the restaurant’s response will have you hollering into next week.

And just in case that’s tricky to read …

‘Visited yesterday. Beautiful interior design, quite a selection of bourbon.

‘Unfortunately the server (or the kitchen) was quite inflexible. We had someone who had a gluten free dietary need and they ordered a burger and requested to leave the bun off. This simple request was not able to be met.

‘The server claimed there would simply be no modification to any menu items. Leaving a bun off of a burger seems to be a reasonable request for someone to meet their dietary needs and not be difficult for kitchen staff.

‘It is a shame, a good bourbon restaurant to take out of towners to but I would be too embarrassed to do so in future.’

Business owner …

‘But is it a burger if there is no bun? We feel very strongly about our burgers having buns and we can’t be responsible for removing our burgers’ buns willy nilly.

‘The bun removal procedure has to be performed by the guest strictly for liability purposes. Simply for burger retention alone, all future burgers need to have the assurance that they will leave our kitchen with their buns intact.

‘What happens to them at the table is out of our hands.’

We’re still trying to work out if it’s outrageously ridiculous or ridiculously outrageous. Probably both.

And here are just a few of the things people said about it after the exchange went viral on Reddit.

‘As a restaurant owner and chef of 16 years this is so stupid and bad business.’

‘If they really don’t want to modify their menu for some stupid reason, a better response would have been that they dont have seperate preparation surfaces/utensils in the kitchen so can’t acconodate diatary/allergy requests because of the risk of cross contamination is too high. Kinda still a weak response but better than saying “A burger has a bun, there is nothing we can do about it.”

‘Reading this customer’s review, thinking about and then typing a response was more work than just not putting a bun on their burger and satisfying the customer in a very common way.’

‘Anyone whose ever worked in the restaurant industry can tell you there’s always an enlightened culinary genius who believes their several months of culinary school qualifies them to be obnoxious, arrogant AHs.

‘They’re the ones who always quit because everyone around them are idiots and they should be in charge. If they get their own restaurants, they fail because they can’t grasp customer service on the smallest, easiest levels like accommodating a request for no bun.’

‘Someone watched too many of those stupid cooking shows where chefs have 1 inflexible menu, and thought they could be the Gordan Ramsay of burgers. Someone is wrong.’

‘Ridiculous. I was a server for 5 years, and this is actually a very common request. The best way to respond to such a request is usually to wrap the burger in lettuce instead of a bun. This restaurant has a very poor attitude and will lose customers if they are this pathetic.’

Source Reddit u/SnooDonuts1020