Susanna Reid savaging Matt Hancock over breaking Covid rules is an interview masterclass

Matt Hancock made yet another massive error of judgement when he accepted the invitation to appear on Good Morning Britain. He was pathetically unprepared for the utter grilling he would receive from Susanna Reid.

It’s an impeccable lesson in holding politicians to account.

Barrister and expert on Covid-related laws and regulations, Adam Wagner had a different interpretation of whether Hancock broke the law.

Susanna put that to Hancock.

It’s so rare to see a shark attack on live television.

Kate Garraway, whose husband Derek has been left disabled by Covid, tried to explain how people feel.

“I get all that. I really do – and I really feel it.”


You can watch the full segment, almost half an hour, here.


Susanna Reid wasn’t taking Steve Barclay’s nonsense about GP numbers and you love to see it

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