The video of this near miss is the most terrifying thing we’ve watched today

We’re not exactly what you call frequent flyers and this terrifying video of a near miss isn’t helping matters (entirely our fault for watching it, we know).

It’s a FedEx cargo plane which was coming into land at a Texas airport, just as a passenger jet had been cleared for take off from the same runway.

It happened in poor validity on Saturday morning and was captured both on flight trackers and audio recordings.

Never have numbers going up (and down) been so scary.

You can listen to the audio here and it’s never less than incredible how pilots stay so calm in this sort of situation.

The two of them are combined in this animation.

And here are just a few of the things people said about it after the moment went viral on Reddit.

‘Those people on that Southwest flight had no clue how close they were to death. Probably not until after they landed.’

‘I was on the plane, didn’t even know about this until reading about it on Reddit this morning.’

‘Unbelievably calm from the FedEx pilot.’

‘That ending was awesome. “We appreciate your professionalism.” “Thank you!”

We’re with this person.

‘I’m glad I looked at this as I pull up to departures.’

Source Twitter @IntelPointAlert H/T Reddit u/jab116