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Aldi had one of the funniest reactions to the new M&S ’23 carrot gold chocolate egg’

Next Tuesday is Pancake Day, the day after that is the start of Lent – and 51 days from now will be Easter Sunday.

Despite the lack of a Lent Calendar, filled with ashes and empty chocolate wrappers, the countdown is on – and it’s most obvious in the shops, where egg and rabbit-shaped treats and gifts fill the shelves.

In M&S, though, they have something extra.

So many questions, so little time.

What’s golden blond chocolate? Why is everything salted caramel these days? Is the cup small or is the carrot massive? Isn’t that shape a bit – erm – phallic?

People had thoughts.

Another problem is – you see a carrot, you think Kevin.

Aldi, who recently lost a court case over a gin that was deemed to have breached the M&S copyright, stepped in.

Watch this space.


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