Michael Spicer gave a very poignant Room Next Door treatment to Turnip McTurnipface

Despite the WhatsApp leak taking up more column inches than Nelson’s left leg, Thérèse Coffey‘s advice to eat turnips isn’t going away anytime soon.

What possessed her to make her long and winding speech is anybody’s guess – but we’d like to think it happened like this.

If you’re up to date with The Last of Us, that ending will have hit you right in the feels – and probably even if you haven’t watched any of it.

Loved the ending, but “dreary as a forgotten cup of tea” is going to stay with me for some time.
Carl Peeberdy

‘Mom, Mr. Spicer’s being dramatic in the garden again!’
Theseus Blackwell

These reactions show how brilliantly the sketch hit home when Michael tweeted it.

Like the sketch, this was perilously close to the truth.


Michael Spicer’s homage to 1970s public information films is exactly as unhinged as the real ones

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